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Here at Junk Car Eugene Cash for Cars we pay cash for any and all junk vehicles, including cars, trucks, vans and SUV’s. Running or Not!

We pay cash for your junk vehicle, and will provide free car removal. If you don’t want to waste any time selling your vehicle on any Classified Ad look no further, we will buy your scrap vehicle today. Skip the hassle, skip the flaky people, save time and use your time for what really matters.

We are the highest paying company for all and any junk/unwanted vehicles.

We Buy Junk Cars In Eugene!

Let’s keep Eugene a beautiful location. We get a lot of tourists from Portland and from California passing through. We don’t want them to see us as a dirty town filled with cars that nobody cares for. Together we can keep this wonderful city as lovely as the next, or even better! Places that are attractive to the eye naturally gain more business. So lets help out our fellow neighbors, our local businesses and even yourselves. If you have a junk/unwanted vehicle, sell it to us. We’ll pay you the most in town! GUARANTEED!!

Cash for Cars Eugene wants to buy your car today! Sell your scrap car to us, and feel good about knowing that your clunker is going to be recycled in a lawful and very green friendly way.

Call us today!

Why Go With Us!

Are company has been operating legally for many years, we are licensed and bonded.  We also offer the most cash in town for any junk vehicle.  Why wouldn’t you go with us? The nice thing about us, is that every customer we purchase a car from is greeted with great customer service and a smile.  We have been picking up vehicles in the Eugene area for years and we are the #1 rated scrap car buyer in the area.  We operate all week and if you don’t have the time to have it picked up during the weekday, we operate on the weekends as well.  We have built our services by offering the best experience possible for our customers, we made it very easy for you to have your junk vehicle scrapped with us.

There are many companies out there who will lie to you just to get your vehicle.  We like to be straight up and honest with our customers right over the phone, that is how we operate and that is how we have always operate.

We always like to make our customers aware of other companies that are trying to take advantage of people in this business.  They can be very shady and there are only a couple of junk vehicle companies that are even operating legally these days.  Of course, we are one of those companies! We are licensed and insured and of course, operate legally.

For some of these other junk companies there operations aren’t close to being legal, they “ARE NOT” licensed, bonded or insured and they will come pick up your vehicle, but at what cost to you?

We get calls every day about some of these so called “Junk Car” companies trying to take advantage of their customers.

Say you had a junk vehicle that you are looking to get rid of and scrap, you call a company that you found online and you talk to someone who asks you a couple of questions and then gives you a nice quote over the phone.  The quote that you were given was the nicest you have received all day and it is hundreds of dollars more than anyone other company you talked to today.  You get excited and decide to go through them to have it picked up.  You guys schedule a time to have your car picked up and the tow driver shows up sometimes they are late, sometimes they are on time.

They pull up onto your property and get out of their tow truck and start looking at your vehicle, they will walk around it a little bit, pop the hood to look under it and start telling you things like your missing parts or some of the parts you have in there are after market and aren’t worth as much.  Once they have you believing this false information, they will tell you that it wasn’t what they though it was and that you weren’t being honest with them on the phone and that they can only offer you this much, which could be anywhere from $100 to $200 dollars less than what was originally quoted.  We don’t want you to think that every company works like this, because they don’t! We are not an illegally operated car company.  We guarantee our quotes 100% and we stand by our quotes when our driver shows up.

If you are looking for an honest company to work with, call us today!





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